Sticky Chicken



I really don’t remember where this recipe came from. All I know is that we have been coking it in my family for a long assed time!

My first solid memory of having this chicken was when my mom married my step dad.  They had a buffet and there was this red electric wok filled with chicken wings coated in this sauce.

Ginger Chicken, AKA Sticky Chicken

You can use any cut of chicken with this recipe, this is all about the sauce!

I started by getting everything I needed, Cornstarch, ginger, lemon juice, soy sauce, water, sugar, salt and pepper. 



I started by seasoning the chicken breasts with salt and pepper and whatever else I felt like putting on them, just make sure nothing was crazy overpowering as the real flavour for this chicken was going to be the sauce! 


Now that the chicken was ready to go it’s time to work on the sauce, basically you just throw all the ingredients into a pot, pretty simple! 



Mix the ingredients together and place on medium heat…. 



Whisking constantly until…. 


it looks like this!!! 


Spoon liberally over the chicken 


Until sticky and delicious!  



If you want to try this recipe leave me a comment below and I will try to dig out the original with all the measurements!!!!

Or if you have anything else you would like me to try and make a post about let me know and I will do my best!!!


3 thoughts on “Sticky Chicken

  1. Auntie Cher says:

    Got me drooling yet again!

  2. can you give measurements please?

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